Turn "You're Not the Right Fit" into "When Can You Start"!

It's a harsh reality, but within 2 minutes, your interviewer has made a decision to hire you or not. 

Through this course, you will learn simple but proven strategies that put you in a position of power, turning "you're not the right fit" into "when can you start". 

Interviewing can be both intimidating and overwhelming; it's difficult to know when you're doing things correctly. But don't worry, we have you covered.

Whether you’re securing that first position, inspiring to be promoted, or changing companies, this course will show you how to be calm, confident, and prepared to succeed in the interview.

Does This Describe You?

-  You've had several interviews and still not getting hired.

-  You're unfamiliar with different interview formats.

-  You're concerned your interview responses are a bit rusty.

-  You're lost on what to do after the interview.

-  You lack confidence as soon as you are in an interview.

Then you need this course.

You will be guided through every part of the interview process: from what you should be doing, to what the interviewer is thinking. 

Curious about hidden techniques you can use to wow the recruiters? Wondering how the navigate salary negotiations? This course covers that too.

Course Highlights

  • Learn how you can to get to know your audience.

  • Become comfortable with all types of interviews.

  • Discover your strengths and gain the confidence you need to shine.

  • Prepare for any interview question that may be thrown at you.

  • Learn follow-up techniques to ensure your success.

  • Be a stand out candidate by learning how to research the company.

Only $97!

At this price, you can't afford to let the job of your dreams slip away.

What's Included:

  • Interview Skills and Techniques

    You will be guided the FULL interview process; from receiving the invitation to accepting the offer.

  • Answers to 10 of the Most Common Interview Questions

    You will learn how to craft the perfect answer that succeeds every time.

  • Video Modules

    Each section of the course includes a video learning module where you'll master techniques directly from Founder and CEO of Insight Solutions, Debi Douma-Herren.

  • Comprehensive Workbook

    You will receive a comprehensive workbook to ensure learning and application.

  • Templates

    You're going to receive access to templates on what to say at the most critical parts of the interview process AND most importantly, how to say it.

Bonus Material

When you sign up now, you'll receive access to this EXCLUSIVE bonus material!

  • Salary Negotions

    Yearning for that extra zero, but fearing rejection? You will learn when and how to negotiate a salary conversation that leaves you, and the interviewer, happy with the outcome.

  • What If I Change My Mind?

    Was this THE job for you until suddenly it wasn't? We'll cover how to turn down a job offer the right way, ensuring that you stay in positive light with the company.

  • Illegal Questions

    Ever been asked about a disability? Family planning? Age? Unfortunately, these questions still come up. Discover how to know if you've been asked an illegal question and how to respond.

Ready for the Best Part?

This course and downloads are valued at over $1900. But you can have access to all this content today for only $97!

Hear From Our Students

Meet Debi

Debi Douma-Herren

I am the Founder, CEO and Lead Coach of Insight Solutions. I have coached many professionals like you over the years and have seen my strategies work. This course is different from other courses. Being a former leader in human resources, recruiting and employee development, this course has been created with insider knowledge. My goal is to help you in your career journey to stand out from the crowd.